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Fast Food Statistics

What They Mean For Your Health
Fast food is a bigger part of the American diet
than you may think, and it puts both young and old
Americans in greater danger of developing a wide
range of health problems, some of which are potentially life-threatening.
How you fuel your body has an enormous impact on your overall health and
wellness. And while some chains are slowly beginning to offer healthier options,
eating out is typically not a healthy choice.

Fast Food Global Net Worth




Amount of money an average American spends on fast food annually.1
$50 Billion
Amount of money Americans spend, collectively, on fast food annually.2
3 Years
World hunger would stop for 3 years with that amount of money.3

Fast Food Frequency

Percentage of American adults who dine out at least once a week.4
Percentage of Americans who visit a fast food restaurant at least once a month.5
Percentage of American adults who say they eat fast food at least once a week.6

24% of adults eat three or more fast food meals per week.7


Americans spend $200 billion dollars annually on fast food.8

The McDonald’s Empire

Net Worth
of McDonald's

$106.4 Billion
$84.6 Billion

Net Worth
of Starbucks

McDonald's Locations9
68 Million
Number of people McDonald’s feeds everyday around the world, which is more than the population of Spain.10
75 Burgers
McDonald’s sells an average of 75 hamburgers every second.11

Children + Fast Food

Percentage of children and adolescents consuming fast food on any given day.12
Researchers found kids and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 ate twice as many calories from fast food restaurants as children ages 2 to 11.13
Percentage of children who say McDonald’s is their favorite place to eat.14

Scary Ingredients

11 out of 25 fast food chains failed after being graded on their use of antibiotics.15
The CDC estimates that at least 2 million Americans contract antibiotic-resistant infections every year and that 23,000 of those people will die as a result.16
In 2015, trans fats, which are used in fried foods, were recognized by the FDA to raise the level of cholesterol in blood, therefore increasing the risk of developing heart disease – one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.17

King of Added Sugar

Sugar in a Large
A large Coca-Cola contains 86 grams of sugar.18
Recommended Daily
Sugar Allowance
It is recommended that men consume a maximum of 38 grams of sugar while women should only consume 25 grams.
High Sugar Diet Tied
to Heart Disease
Consuming high amounts of sugar alters fat metabolism.19

The Unhealthy Calories

Full Day’s Worth
One meal at a fast food restaurant contains all the calories you need for an entire day.20
3 Hours
It takes a 155-pound person 3 hours to burn 2,000 calories. A Big Mac, Large Fries and Large Coke equal just over 1,300 calories.21
38.5 Gallons
On average, American consumers drink more than 38.5 gallons of carbonated soft drinks each year.22

Fast Food: High in Saturated Fats Not Enough Fiber

That includes sides and drinks. When your digestive system breaks down these foods, the carbs are released as glucose into your bloodstream. As a result, your blood sugar increases.23

There is a push to make a lot of the menu items at your favorite fast food restaurants healthier. Some of the things we’re seeing include: Fresher ingredients, less foods containing trans fats and nutritional information for each meal.

What’s Being Done
at Restaurants?


Fresher Ingredients24


Options with Less
Foods Containing Trans Fats25


Availability of Nutritional
Information for Each Meal26


Don’t Risk It.

Eating too much fast food can increase your risk for developing serious health conditions.
60% of Americans are overweight or obese.27 Obesity can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, and other illnesses.28

Eating Healthy on a Busy Schedule

A guide with tips to make fast food work for you.
If you feel you’re too busy to eat healthy— think again. You can make small, subtle changes to your diet and reap big benefits.
Get the Guide