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Providing Quality Primary
Care and Cardiology

Serving the Northeast Ohio
community for over 40 years.
Find a Doctor
Our physicians are board certified and experts in a wide range of medical conditions. 
Make an Appointment
We offer several easy and convenient ways to schedule an appointment with our physicians. 
Find a Location
Choose from 11 North Ohio Heart and Ohio Medical Group offices in Northeast Ohio.
Primary Care
Maintain your health and manage chronic conditions with one of our primary care physicians. We're your first point of contact when it comes to your wellness.
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Convenient Care
Our Elyria OMG location offers access to care at your convenience. Treatment for minor illnesses and injuries are available outside regular office hours.
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Our cardiac experts provide heart care within a variety of specialties. From routine screenings to advanced procedures, we offer an innovative approach.
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Vein Services
Our vein specialist uses state-of-the-art equipment in the latest varicose vein treatments. Our minimally invasive approaches reduce downtime from recovery.
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