Echocardiography (ECHO)

Echocardiography is a procedure that uses ultrasonic waves directed over the chest wall to obtain a graphic record of the heart's position, motion of the walls, or internal parts such as the valves. The sound waves are sent through a device called a transducer and are reflected off the various structures of the heart. These echoes are concerted into pictures of the heart that can be seen on a video monitor.

Testing can take anywhere between 45-60 minutes. No special preparation is required prior to testing. Echocardiography is being performed in: Elyria (NOH), Elyria (OMG), Lorain (NOH), Medina (NOH & OMG), Middleburg Heights (Southwest - NOH & OMG), Sandusky (NOH) and Westlake (NOH).

Ultrasound Services:

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