History & Philosophy

North Ohio Heart specializes in cardiology and commitment to its patients. We are the largest private cardiology practice in Northeast Ohio and one of the most respected. We enjoy an excellent reputation for providing quality patient care in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the heart.

In a large, full service cardiology practice such as North Ohio Heart, patients have the advantage of a carefully assembled group of colleagues whose skill and experiences compliment one another. The North Ohio Heart team supports our physicians so that they may focus attention on the specific and effective treatment of each patient. No matter what role you play at North Ohio Heart, we expect you to act in a way that will build the patient's confidence and trust.

The organization began as the idea of one man...

Schaeffer-JohnDr. John W. Schaeffer, M.D., F.A.C.C.
President and Chairman of the Board
of North Ohio Heart 

Dr. Schaeffer envisioned building a team of dedicated professionals who would work together, using the latest technology, while never losing sight of the fact that personalized sensitivity and patient trust are essential components of successful medicine. He explains his philosophy:

The organization, operation, and management of a medical practice differ from all other commercial ventures in that we do not deal with material goods manufactured or sold for profit. Physicians deal in a service to mankind and they deal with the ill and distressed who come to them for only one reason; they need help and guidance. Therefore the basic philosophy of our office is to "provide those who come to us with the most courteous, sympathetic treatment, and with the highest quality of care available at a cost that is both fair and reasonable."

The growth and reputation of our office are based upon this tradition. Without it and without such a philosophy, our existence is not justified. Your employment with us automatically carries with it certain just and equitable responsibilities. It is necessary that we maintain the high standards involved in the philosophy and tradition that each individual and all collectively have established. This group represents the finest of professional traditions. We, who are part of it, take pride in the work it does, as well as the high caliber of our fellow employees.