Accreditation Matters

The diagnostic services departments at North Ohio Heart are fully accredited by the national society that requires the highest standards of care, performance and accountability.

The diagnostic departments of North Ohio Heart were among the first in the Nation to achieve accreditation in Nuclear Cardiography (Since 1998), Vascular (Since 1998) and Echocardiography (Since 1999). The NOHC Nuclear Lab was one of the first (5) in the Nation, the NOHC Vascular lab was one of the first (878) and NOHC's echocardiography lab was one of the first (1000) in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and each lab has maintained their accredited status since.


When you see the three accreditation symbols below, you can be assured that North Ohio Heart has reached the highest level of accountability possible. These accreditation symbols represent North Ohio Heart's unmatched commitment to providing quality health care to all of our patients.

ICANL Accreditation ICAEL Accreditation  Vascular Accreditation